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Ystradfelte Waterfalls Dog Walk

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South Wales Dog Friendly Walks - Ystradfelte Waterfalls

Ystradfelte Waterfalls in full flow

Ystradfelte Waterfalls: Tour and Tourist Information Guide

Ystradfellte is a small village on the Afon Mellte in the Fforest Fawr area of the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is quite close to Glynneath to you and I!

The village is a popular centre for tourists, many of whom walk in the hills or visit the waterfalls and caves of the river.

Ystradfellte is very much a dispersed agricultural community, with the focal point being the small village with church, pub and Post Office. Unfortunately the pub is only open at weekends; the Post Office is open from 10.00 - 12.00 on weekdays.

The village takes its name from the river Mellte which runs close by.

The church of St Mary's is from the Medieval period. However it was completely rebuilt in the 16th century. The church and churchyard contain some very curious and interesting grave memorials. It is pretty and delightfully remote; you are in 'time-warp country', which is what I like.

At the southern end of the western Beacons the Ystradfellte area with its lush wooded valleys in a classic limestone landscape is a total contrast to the barren mountains to the north. It is very popular with walkers as there are many walks that take in the picturesque waterfalls common in this area.

I have not been here very often but it is worth a visit if you are coming in to the area. If anything it is a more interesting walk than Henrhyd Waterfalls, and the waterfall itself is wider but not as steep, and certainly has more water gushing down it impressively.

Ystradfelte Waterfalls water flowing

Ystradfelte Waterfalls: White Horse Cave

The area around Ystradfellte is renowned for its caves, making caving a popular activity.

Some of the more famous caves near the village include: Porth yr Ogof, also known as the White Horse Cave, which indeed is famous for having the biggest cave entrance in Wales. It is through this the river Mellte flows.

Also there is the Little Neath River Cave and Ogof Ffynnon Ddu. The latter is the third longest cave in the UK.

A mile south of Ystradfellte the River Mellte disappears into the mouth of Porth-yr-Ogof, White Horse Cave. The cave entrance is 20 metres wide and 3 metres high.

Porth yr Ogof car park is manned most days and there is a car park charge of £3 per day. No parking on the lanes though - too narrow, so you have to pay for the car park. Oh well!
The cave entrance can be reached after just a few minutes walk from the car park, but it is a steep climb down the worn and uneven limestone so suitable footwear is needed.

There are a few miles of explored and mapped cave passages which makes it a popular location for experienced cavers.

However you should only venture into these caves with an experienced local caving guide or arrange a group activity outing through one of the local outdoor activity providers.

Ystradfelte Waterfalls

Ystradfelte Waterfalls: The Waterfalls Dog Walks

Make sure you take your dogs on the Waterfalls Walk, a generally easy walk along the Afon Mellte. The walk passes two main falls on the river, Sgwd Clun-gwyn and Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwyn.

The easier of the walks is the clearly signposted "Waterfall Walk" that takes you from the car park at Ystradfellte along the Afon Mellte. This leads you to two of the main falls, Sgwd Clun-gwyn and Sgwd Isaf Clun-gwyn passing by Sgwd y Pannwr, a lower rockier fall, en route.

The climax of the walk for your dogs is Sgwd yr Eira on the Afon Hepste where the footpath passes behind the waterfall.  Sgwd Y Eira in English translates to 'Spout of Snow'.

Try out the path behind the waterfall, but be careful as it can be slippery and wet. It is well worth the experience as you watch the curtain of water tumble over the rock above in front of you.

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