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Arthur's Stone Neolithic Burial Chamber

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Dog Friendly Walks South Wales - Arthurs Stone

Arthur's Stone Ancient Monument Burial Ground

Arthur's Stone: Neolithic Burial Chamber & King Arthur

Location: 7 miles E of Hay-on-Wye off B4348 near Dorstone. An atmospheric Neolithic burial chamber made of great stone slabs, in the hills above Herefordshire's Golden Valley.

The tomb is one of many prehistoric monuments in western England and Wales to be linked with the legend of King Arthur. Some tales suggest the tomb was built to mark the location of one of King Arthur's battles, while others tell that the stones were already present when Arthur slew a giant on the spot, who fell onto the stones and left indentations in one of them, which remain to this day.

Others suggest the indentations on the Quoit Stone were left by Arthur's knees or elbows as he knelt there to pray.

Arthur's Stone Ancient Monument Burial Ground

Arthur's Stone

It takes about two minutes to look at the stone and read the information plaque. There is not much to do then but go for a good dog walk in the scenic valley below. See next picture.

As this Stone is quite close to Hay on Wye, you might decide to stop off on the way to Hay on Wye, to give the dogs a good run off the lead, before going in to Hay on Wye.

Arthur's Stone, Jack the dog surveys the valley, lake and dog walking fields

Arthur's Stone and Pretty Valley

Here is Jack looking down into the valley from Arthur's stone. There are public rights of way down to the lake, which we let our dogs have a swim in. While we did not spend much time at the stone itself, the dogs had a good run around the open fields in this valley.

View from Arthur's Stoneover the valley with lake and dog walking fields

Arthur's Stone and Valley

Enjoy a good hour's dog walk around these deserted open fields with footpaths running through.

This picture is taken looking from the tomb. So the burial chamber commands a good view to the south of the Golden Valley. You can also see the Brecon Beacons in the distance.

You will reach the Stone via a single track lane (Arthur's Stone Lane) and will have to just park on the roadside. There shouldn't be any other visitors here: it is a remote spot, useful as a detour en-route to somewhere else.

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