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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk Gallery

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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Friendly Walks Near Swansea

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk
Henrhyd Waterfalls Dogs Walking by the falls

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

This spectacular and beautiful waterfall has an unbroken drop of approximately 90 ft. It is therefore the highest waterfall in the Brecon Beacons National National Park.

Dog Friendly Wales Henrhyd Waterfalls

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

Henrhyd Waterfall is located in a deep wooded gorge which is accessible only by walking down a very steep footpath. The walk takes you through a deciduous woodland of Oak and Ash. A foot bridge across the river Nant Llech at the bottom of the gorge leads to a path which takes you closer to the waterfall itself.

Dog Friendly Wales Henrhyd Waterfalls water falling

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

The Henrhyd waterfall is located on the southern edge of the National Park where the rural area meets the old industrial valleys of South Wales.

This area was once part of the first industrial revolution that changed the face of South Wales. Swansea was known as 'Copperville' and the Swansea Valley was once full of belching smokestacks.

The last remaining working coal mine in Wales is less than 10 miles from here - Tower colliery at Hirwaun.

At one time the valleys of South Wales had hundreds of coal mines employing tens of thousands of people, producing millions of tonnes of coal which was exported worldwide.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk bridge over river

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

Particular care should be taken as you near the water fall because the footpath becomes narrow, the surface is more uneven and is often wet and slippery from the spray from the waterfall.

Henrhyd Waterfalls behind the waterfall curtain

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

The best way to get to Henrhyd Waterfalls from the Castle is to drive south to Penycae, take the first left hand lane opposite Penycae Inn.

If you go beyond the Penycae Inn to the Ancient Briton Inn, you have gone too far. Turn around!

Follow the single track lane from opposite the Penycae Inn for a couple of miles. It winds and is steep in places. Eventually you will see a small car park on the right hand side, where you can park free of charge.

Take the steep footpath down to the Bridge, cross the river on the stepped footbridge, and walk along another narrow path to the falls.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walking behind the waterfall

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

It is possible to make your way along a narrow, stony and uneven path behind the waterfall and onto a wet rocky ledge but this is not advisable on safety grounds. If you have children with you then especial care should be taken to supervise them throughout this walk.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Jack the Dog

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

Henrhyd Waterfalls is the new home of the Batcave. Moviemakers were spotted filming parts of the next blockbuster instalment here.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dogs Walking

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

It is hard to imagine in the present era surrounded by the lovely waterfall and the oak and ash woodlands, that this area was once part of the Industrial Revolution, when coal mines were producing vast amounts of coal that was exported all over the world.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog swimming

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

Henryd Waterfalls is actually rather quick to walk to, and you could get to the Falls and back in around 25 minutes. This leaves you with having to get in the car and find somewhere else to explore.

However if you want to make a longer outing of it, and if it is a nice day and reasonably dry, you could explore the riverside path heading down and away from the falls. So on your return walk from the Falls, once you have crossed the footbridge, instead of turning right to go back to the car park, take the meandering path to the left.

You will need good walking boots for this as it is treacherous in places, some parts of it occasionally subside down the bank, and in some cases you are on stepping stones over parts of the stream. You can walk for an hour or so along the river. It is not a circular walk so you will have to retrace your steps to get back to the car. It is however an excellent walk for dogs as they can bound up and down the hill and also in and out of the river.

Note that occasionally the odd stray sheep is wandering along the steep banks either side of the river, so keep an eye on your dogs if letting them off the lead, in case they put up a sheep.

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dogs Walking behind the waterfall

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

The steep path to the falls is potentially dangerous in wet conditions. So if it is raining heavily or very cold and icy, I would postpone visiting the falls. Though the path is well drained, there are sections of it that are just rock or stone and these can get slippery in the wet.

There is no rope fence or anything to hold on to, which, given how popular this waterfall is, seems an overdue upgrade. Wear shoes that have a good grip, or good walking boots; you will probably not make it down the path in one piece wearing slippery smooth soled shoes.

Getting back up again is actually safer than the downhill descent, though anyone who is easily out of breath won't get much fun out of the return climb either!

Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

If using Satnav to get here, assuming you have a satellite signal, the post code to enter is SA10 9PF.

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

The single track road to the Falls does not have too much traffic on it and with a bit of planning a circular walk on minor lanes could be attempted, including the path leading down river from the Falls. This eventually exits on to a small lane, which you could return to (by turning right) to get back to the falls car park and then drive back to the castle.

After walking down the steep path to the Falls from the small Falls car park, go over the footbridge to Henrhyd falls. On the return, having crossed back over the footbridge on your way back from the falls, turn left to head south down the river path for an hour or so. Either then walk back up the same hilly riverside path, then up the original steep path you came down, to get back to the Falls Car Park. Or cotinue along the riverside path and eventually you get to a lane near the Monkey Farm/ Cefn y Erw
(well, you can hear the monkeys anyway). For a long walk via the lanes you can then walk back along this lane to the Falls Car Park. I have driven along the lanes here but I do not know the timing on foot.

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