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Dog Friendly Hotel Wales Craig y Nos Castle in Snow 05

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Craig Y Nos Dog Friendly Hotel in the Snow

Dog Friendly Tips: Xmas Tree Lights

If you have indoor holiday lights, be sure they don’t hang so low that your dog could become entangled in them. Remember to unplug the lights when you’re not home.

Dog Friendly Article: Crate Training Your Dog - Things You Should Now About

Crates and exercise pens are a wonderful way to keep your dog out of trouble in the short run and prevent bad habits in the long run. Most dogs readily learn that their crate or pen is like a comfy bedroom, but you need to start by following a few simple steps.

1. Don't force your dog into the crate
; toss yummy treats inside and let him go in and out freely to get them.

2. Once he'll go in and out of the crate, toss in a few treats, close the door to the crate for a few seconds, and then let him out. Repeat this five or six times, as if it was a fun game you were playing. Try for several sessions of this an hour or two apart.

3. Later in the day, when your dog is getting sleepy, put him in the crate with a chew bone, and shut the door. If he's hungry and/or sleepy, he'll probably chew on the bone for a while, and then drift off to sleep.

4. If you have to crate him when he's full of energy, give him an extra tasty chew bone or stuffed toy, so that he's occupied and happy to be confined.

5. Whenever possible, let him out of the crate before he starts to whine or cry. If he does get fussy, do your best to wait for a time in which he's relatively quiet, and then let him out.

Some dogs become comfortable in a crate within a day or two of training, while others take a bit longer. But all dogs need to start out the same way-learning that the crate is their comfy, private bedroom. It's not true that "dogs are den animals," so they need to be conditioned to be comfortable in a crate. However, once they've learned how cozy crates can be, most dogs learn to love them
. All my dogs love to cuddle up in a crate if they have a chance.

Choose a crate that can accommodate your dog easily. She should be able to turn around and stand comfortably. However, do not choose a crate that is too large as your dog can be tossed around inside it and sustain injury in case of an accident. Remember, crates can also be used for potty training - if you are looking for a crate that suits both your puppy's travel and potty requirements, make sure you choose a hard plastic crate.

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