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Craig Y Nos - Dog Friendly Hotel - The Lower Gardens

Dog Friendly Tips: Diabetes

Diabetes can arise from viruses, chronic pancreatitis, chronic small bowel inflammation, obesity, hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings) and long-term use of progesterone or steroids and of course - diet.

An overload of carbohydrates (sugars), especially poor quality carbs - no longer thought to be biologically appropriate - may contribute to many diseases including pancreatitis and diabetes.

A minimal or moderate grain content is recommended. Grains should be whole and unprocessed.

For many years, a very restricted-protein diet was recommended for senior dogs as a preventive or management measure for kidney problems. More current research has actually determined that it is the quality rather than the quantity of protein that is most important.

Avoid low-quality dog foods which are composed primarily of meat by-products including hide, hair, feathers and other unwholesome components that are difficult for the kidneys to process.

Low-end kibbles and biscuits contain large amounts of chemical preservatives that load a senior dog's system with toxins and place an additional burden on an aging liver and excretory system.

Buy only high quality raw dog food, and/ or the better makes of canned dog food, and good quality dry dog food.

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