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Dog Friendly Tips: Safe Chews and Treats for Dogs

Dogs are just like humans, they enjoy treats, and like humans, if your dog eats too many he may become overweight. Treats can unbalance a diet so be careful. Treats should not exceed 10% of total dietary intake.

Edible chew bones. Dogs enjoy chewing on these bones. Because they have calories and are digested, do not feed too many.  Make sure the chew bone is appropriate for your dog's size.

Rawhide. Chips and strips can be good, digestible treats for your dog.

Teeth cleaning biscuits or bones. These treats are specifically designed to help in the maintenance of your dog's teeth and are a good treat.

Nylon chew bones. Nylon chew bones are made of safe nylon that may be flavored. They are generally safe for most dogs because they slowly grind away, rather than break off in chunks. Make sure the chew bone is appropriate for your dog's size.

Pig ears. Pig ears contain calories and are digested. They should not be considered a chew toy. Use them as an occasional treat instead. After handling, wash hands with soap and water.

Dog ice cream. Some dogs enjoy doggie freeze-dried ice cream. Do not feed your dog human's ice cream, because it's higher in calories and fat.

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