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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Will a dog overeat?

Yes, when dogs are allowed to eat as much as they wish, they will eat more than they need. Just like us humans!

Feeding your dog about 25% less can help reduce the risk of obesity and disease and help him or her live up to 20% longer.

Keep your dog within the ideal weight range for the breed. Weight ranges for each breed are normally posted in a Vet's waiting room, but can also be checked on line.

Dog Friendly Article: Bring Home a New Puppy

So you got a new puppy? Oh how exciting! Purchasing a new puppy can be a great experience for you or your whole family.

I have been a breeder for the last 15 yrs so I have a little experience when it comes to owning a dog/puppy.

The first and most important thing is be prepared for your pupp
y's homecoming. Knowing what to purchase, could be a little overwhelming. Here is a list of items that are essential:

Food. Talk with your breeder and find out what your puppy has been eating. It is very important not to make any changes to your pupp
y's diet, as this could cause bowel issues. And the last thing you want is a puppy with soft stool.

Kennel/crate. Kennels are not cruel, they are crucial. Dogs are naturally pack animals and love to have there own place to rest and sleep. Also a puppy should not be allowed to roam the house while you are gone or at work, they could possibly get into something that could harm them. Kenneling also helps with house training.

Chew toys. Chew toys are very important to teething puppies. I do not recommended rawhide, this product can cause blockages in a pupp
y's digestive system. My recommendation would be Nylabone's; this is a great product to help in the aid of teething. Avoid toys with small parts that a puppy could choke on.

A lea
d and collar. Remember your new family member will not know how to walk on a lead so be patient and take your time.

Grooming tools. A brush for daily or weekly brushing depending on the breed. Shampoo, because your little one will get good and messy. Toothbrush, start early introducing teeth brushing. I prefer the finger brushes, you can purchase at any pet store. Only use dog appropriate toothpaste.

Stain and odo
ur remover. Your puppy WILL have accidents in your home, so be prepared with an odour and stain remover to ensure that it is cleaned up properly. If the area isn't cleaned up properly, your puppy will continue to return to that spot to relieve themselves.

One final thing: puppy-proof your home. Puppies will chew on everything, so take the time to go through your home and remove low hanging wires, plants, cleaning products, bathroom garbage, etc.

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