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Craig Y Nos Country Park - Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Tips: Matty Mutts

Certain breeds may need professional grooming to keep their coats in tip-top shape. I find I cannot get the matts out from under Jack's ears. So for some people and some dogs it's just easier to take your dog to a professional dog groomer rather than put off the job and let the coat deteriorate.

Jack loves his trips to the dog grooming parlour and loves the attention he gets when he comes back from the groomers. He knows he looks handsome and smart and loves the welcome he gets from everyone at the castle on his return. He probably also feels a lot better, though judging by his habit of rolling in the mud soon after, I am not so sure!

Dog Friendly Tips: Modifying Your Pet's Behaviour for a Happier Home

When you have a badly behaved pet it's easy to blame yourself, but many dog owners don't know how to train their dogs without guidance so any behavioral issues are completely understandable. With a good dog trainer and the right type of training on your side, you will soon have a well behaved and truly transformed pet.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Trainer

A passion for dogs is one of the obvious ones, but above this, the dog trainer needs to have a few qualities that make them right for the job and worth your money. A good track record is one of them - get recommendations and testimonials from friends that have used a good trainer before.

Find out their qualifications and where they were trained - if they were taught to use positive reinforcement techniques are to train dogs this is a great sign that they will be respectful of you and your pet.

Persistence and a professional attitude are also essential - not all dogs can be trained as easily as others but a truly good dog trainer will work hard to change your dog's behavior and also help you give correct commands (i.e. give you the right training too!)

What Type of Service Do You Need?

All behavio
ural issues are different, and depending on the age of the pet, the services or type of training that your pet needs may vary.

If you have recently bought a new puppy, it is a good idea to start with their training even after just a few weeks. After all, the sooner they start their training, the sooner they will learn the proper ways to behave around people, other animals and in your home.

Training with your pet is a great way of not only teaching your dog how to behave, but also learning the right command, tone of voice and body language that your dog can understand.

ural issues such as aggression, biting, chewing or digging might all be due to the environment around them at home, so home visits from dog trainers are also available in some cases. This means that you can be observed with your pet and behaviours can be changed in and outside of the domestic setting so that the new and improved behaviour can be applied anywhere, not just within the home. With the correct training you will begin to have a much happier relationship with your pet.

Thanks for checking out my article. If you happen to live in the Washington DC area and need a professional dog trainer, I always recommend Premier Dog Training to friends. They also offer wonderful doggy boot camp programs.

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