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Lliw Reservoirs, Felindre Dog Walk dog friendly tarmacked path

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Dog Friendly Walks South Wales - Lliw Reservoirs

Lliw Reservoirs at Felindre

There are two reservoirs. The Lower Lliw which has a tarmacadam path up one side, and a rough track (walking boots required) down the other side, to create a one hour or so circular walk.

Then there is Upper Lliw which you will eventually get to if you follow the tarmacadam path gently upwards for a few miles. You and your dogs will be walking through stunning valley scenery, alongside a bubbling little stream (drain off from Upper Lliw). It is an hour or so to get to the top of the path and the dam at Upper Lliw and back again.

The Car park at Lower Lliw Reservoir will be ample for your needs. I park as close to the footpath going up to Upper Lliw as I can get.

There are also Public Toilets and a Picnic site, together with Café/visitor centre which oddly I have not ever seen open.

To reach the Upper Lliw Reservoir Dam, go through the gate where Jack waits (see above picture) as the first time I was not sure if you were supposed to.

The lower and upper Lliw reservoirs are surrounded by a mosaic of habitats including bracken, scrub broadleaved woodland and lowland acid grassland.

Birds spotted here include: Peregrine, Kestrel, Raven, Wheatear, Meadow Pipit & Skylark, Whinchat, Red Kite, Curlew. So very much a bird watcher's paradise.

This Wheelchair and pushchair accessible route to Upper Lliw is apparently 4 miles. It does not seem that far at all. So when with pram, go to Upper Lliw. Do not bother pramming around Lower Lliw! Path not suitable. But Upper Lliw while not a circular walk, is great for dogs too, and this really is a little gem of a valley.

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