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Lliw Reservoirs at Felindre Dog Walk the dam at Upper Lliw Reservoir

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Dog Friendly Walks South Wales - Lliw Reservoirs

Lliw Reservoirs at Felindre: Getting there (if you can)

Lliw is pronounced 'clue' and I have joked most people haven't a clue how to get here. The signage coming off J46/M4 is atrocious, well, it would be if it existed. Basically there is none. The postcode is: SA5 7NA - try putting this into your Satnav.

To get here you take the Felindre turn-off (J46/M4) and head inland, along a windy single track lane with passing spaces. There was an on-line guide which stated: "To get to the Lliw Valley reservoirs leave the M4 at junction 46 following the signs to Felindre and the brown Country Park signs. As soon as you see the Felindre village sign turn right along Heol Penfidy to follow the Lliw Reservoirs signs which bring you to the country park. There are good facilities here with car parking, toilets and a cafe. There are walks for everyone from a short wander round a reservoir, a 4 mile route suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs and an open moorland route of over 10 miles."

I however never found the Lliw Reservoir signs referred to above. So after leaving M4, heading inland, after a mile or two of hilly windy lanes (no further) you may be lucky enough to chance across a completely unmarked single track road off to the right. Chances are though you will miss it, so it is a lane you really have to look out for.

If you find yourself going down a steep straight section of lane with open country views ahead of you and into a small hamlet of houses, you have gone too far. (Should you then turn around, you might spot the reservoir sign coming from the other direction, which is no use to you until after you have missed it the first time - it is tucked out of sight so you do not see it coming from the South).

Follow this right hand turn-off lane for a few hundred yards and you will see a big wide metal gate on the left. This is the entrance to the Lower and Upper Lliw Reservoirs. The gate is closed when the Reservoir closes but do not worry if you are late leaving and get locked in. This has happened to me but I found the gate has a sensor control so opens up if you are exiting from the reservoir side.

There is no other access to the Reservoirs other than this tiny little lane. So it is something of a surprise to come out on to this massive car park, eventually, after another half mile or so driving along this long private rutty lane. The car park can probably take 100 cars. Never that many there though.

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