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Elan Village Claerwen Reservoirs Dog Walk12

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Elan Village and Claerwen Reservoir Dog Walk and Driving Tour: A Lost Community

Hetty Price wrote of the Gro-Mill at Nantgwyllt:

"Just by the Church was the Mill, a lovely quaint old wheel fed by a brook, to saw all the timber for the Estate, and also to grind the oats and barley. Nearly every farmer took their grain to be done in the autumn. There was also a kiln to dry the grain. It was done by night, and most of the young men around would congregate to have a good time around the large fire that was kept up all night.

Recalling the lost community

A little shop is mentioned in Hetty Price's account of the lost community:

"Further down the road was Seth Thomas’s Shop where they sold most things, flour and grocery and bottles of sweets, but it was very rare indeed that we should have a penny to buy them."

See more on the history here: http://history.powys.org.uk/history/rhayader/memories2.html

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