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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walks Near Swansea

Dog Friendly B&B Wales - Henrydd Waterfalls Dog Walk

Henryhd Waterfalls

A short drive from the castle (or a long walk) is the tallest waterfall in Wales. Well, we have to go behind it don't we?

A steep path leads down to the falls. Better not pull on the lead or my owner will slip! Follow footbridge and wooden steps across the stream and we're there.

A tight path round the side of the pool leads us behind the curtain of water pouring down. Fantastic colours photographing through the water in the sunlight.

Think I'll take a dip in that pool....

Driving there from Castle: Henrhyd Waterfalls Directions for my Owner

Walking there from Castle: Henrhyd Waterfalls Walk Instructions and Map

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