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Caerleon Roman Fortress, the Roman Barracks sign

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Dog Friendly Walks South Wales - Caerleon Fortress

Caerleon Roman Barracks: Location of King Arthur's Camelot?

Caerleon was the site of one of Britain's three permanent Roman Legionary Fortresses, and many believe it to be the location of King Arthur's Camelot.

In 830 AD Nennius listed Cair Lion as one of Britain's 33 cities.

Nowadays it's a thriving town, where past and present combine to delight both visitors and residents.

This is also an area where you can bring your dogs, as you will see from this set of photos of the Barracks and Ampitheatre. Pick up after your dog of course, as this is a nice clean area and there is no rough ground - it's all mowed.

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